Live Better
We need to use our land resources as productively as possible, today more than ever.

Instant, but temporary, appeal will not suffice.

​That's why we design our real estate projects to create real places. These become favorite places for those who live, work, and shop in those communities.

Hitchcock Design Group has the planning and design expertise to help land owners and developers create marketplace distinction and long-term property appeal. We know that these days, you are faced with the need to distinguish your properties in an increasingly competitive marketplace. This presents a unique opportunity to sustainably transform once utilitarian spaces into vibrant and attractive pedestrian environments. Our Real Estate Studio focuses exclusively on Creating Better Places® to Live.


Zoning and entitlement
Land aquisition support
Community master planning
Retail and residential developments
Signage and wayfinding


Lake Point Tower Skyline Park Master Plan
Atrium Village 
Navistar World Headquarters 
Green Exchange
Pinnacle Prairie
Settlers Ridge
Chenal Valley Commercial Master Plan