Rick Hitchcock Retirement

As of December 2019, our founder and former president, Rick Hitchcock, has decided to retire from active work at Hitchcock Design Group.

Forty years ago, over a long Thanksgiving holiday, Rick began a plan to start his own company. On January 2, 1980, he launched Hitchcock Design, Inc. in Naperville, Illinois. With a handful of developer contacts and a loan from his mother, he set up shop in a garage behind what is now Peet’s Coffee in Naperville.

From there, with the generosity and faith from a Naperville Riverwalk Commissioner, Rick was given the opportunity to design what is now the famed Naperville Riverwalk, an economic catalyst for the entire City of Naperville. That’s where it began.

Things worked out pretty well. Today, Hitchcock Design Group is successful by many meaningful measures. Arguably, we have defied the odds by growing from a small, unknown, local sole-proprietorship into a multi-office, regionally-recognized leader in landscape architecture.

“I’m proud that together we have created better places for thousands of private, public, and institutional clients, cultivated countless long-lasting relationships, and nurtured a valuable enterprise that is positioned to thrive, long after my involvement. Please know that I am deeply grateful for your consistent support, through both great and challenging times.” – Rick Hitchcock

Thank you, Rick for your many years of service. We hope you enjoy your retirement and the ample time you now have to spend with your family. Best wishes from all of us at Hitchcock Design Group!

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