Batavia Fox River Corridor

Batavia Park District, City of Batavia

Project Overview

In partnership with the City of Batavia, the Batavia Park District has launched a comprehensive planning process for the Batavia Fox River Corridor that is intended to enhance recreational function, river ecology, cultural importance, and stewardship of Batavia’s most valuable natural resources for future generations. The Park District has engaged a consultant team of planning, design, and engineering professionals led by Hitchcock Design Group (HDG), to develop a compelling vision for a 2-mile section of the Fox River from Fabyan Parkway to Carlisle Road, giving special attention to evaluating the function, safety, and use of the Batavia Dam and Depot Pond.

The planning effort will follow a five-phase process starting with the Analyze Phase, which will identify assets, issues, and site context along the river corridor.  The Connect Phase will feature extensive public outreach including a web-based survey, focus group discussions with community stakeholders, and interactive public workshops.

Preliminary strategies will be developed during the Envision Phase based on local and regional market characteristics, physical, cultural, and financial resources, and the expectations and requirements of the community and regulatory stakeholders. The Envision Phase will follow a phased approach with Phase 1 of the planning effort focusing on the potential removal/ modification of the Batavia Dam and its implications to Depot Pond and Phase 2 will focus on the development of recommendations for future recreation amenities for the entire Corridor Planning Area.

During the Implement Phase, the consultant team will build consensus on an overall strategy, develop implementation recommendations including short and long-term public policy, operational, and capital improvements. The team will document final recommendations in a Master Plan Report and seek adoption from City Council and Park District Board.


The Depot Pond and Batavia Dam Preference Survey is now closed. Thank you for your feedback! Results can be viewed HERE. See the schedule tab for more information regarding next steps for the River Corridor planning effort.

Project Team

Batavia Park District

City of Batavia

Hitchcock Design Group – Landscape Architect

WBK Engineering – Civil Engineer

Planning Area Map