Proposed Golf Mill Park


Create a destination park serving Niles and beyond that is a good neighbor, contributes to regional stormwater success, and is uniquely Niles including:

1. Flexible Event Considerations

• Prepared for support of a variety of large festival events with day of event activities considered

• Capable of supporting small events like markets, shows, and fairs

• Focused on supporting daily vistor activities, passive use, and park district programming

2. Strong Community Connections

• Promote everyday socializing

• Complement existing recreation, education programming

• Complement and facilitate improved commercial interaction

• Be good neighbors to the surrounding property

• Promote safe access to and from the park

3. Distinctive Appearance

• Signature style

• Uniquely Niles

• Stylish, high profile elements

• Balance style with residential backdrop

• Set the precedent for future development

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