City of Harvey

Gateways and Streetscape Improvements

The City of Harvey would like your input on the design of new City Gateway and Streetscape Improvements.
Please review the design concepts and provide your input!

Building a Better Harvey Initiative

City leadership has launched the “Building a Better Harvey” initiative to position Harvey as a major economic center for the Chicago Southland region. The intent of the initiative is to restore infrastructure assets and reinvestment in neighborhoods and promote economic opportunity and community vitality.

One of the first steps is to develop new City Gateways and Streetscape Improvements with the following goal and objectives:


Improve the public infrastructure and aesthetics to reflect a positive community image


1. Improve safety, wayfinding, and convenience

2. Cultivate a sense of pride amongst residents and business owners

3. Develop improvements that are sustainable from an aesthetic style and long-term maintenance standpoint

Project Contact

Nicholas Greifer
Economic Development Director, City of Harvey


Next Steps

A preferred concept will be developed based on results of the survey. Please refer back to this webpage for survey results and preferred concept recommendations.

Improvement Locations

The Gateway and Streetscape improvements will be focused along the Halsted Street corridor, Dixie Highway, and within the Downtown District.