City of McHenry

Parks & Recreation Master Plan

Project Overview

Welcome to the City of McHenry’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan website!

The City of McHenry’s Parks and Recreation Department is currently developing its Comprehensive Master Plan. This plan will suggest and develop the projects and goals for the City to complete over the next five years. During the planning process, we will be completing a detailed analysis of the City’s recreation facilities and offerings and collecting community input that will guide the completion of the Comprehensive Master Plan.

The City invites you to provide your input by clicking the Survey tab to answer a variety of questions that will be available from MONTH DAY through MONTH DAY. There will also be community meetings that residents can attend. The second community meeting will be held on MONTH DAY – click the Schedule tab for more information.


The survey is now available: Take me to the survey!

Community Input Meeting at LOCATION: MONTH DAY YEAR (TIME)


The Comprehensive Master Plan consists of five phases starting with the Analyze Phase, a process to identify park and recreation assets and issues within the parks, facilities, and programs.

Next, the consultant team and Park District will collect public opinion to understand how residents use the Park District’s offerings and to identify future needs in the Connect Phase. This phase includes the online community input portal and community meeting.

During the Envision Phase, the consultants will create consensus with community leaders on the needs of the City of McHenry Park District for the next five years. The consultants will also develop preliminary strategies based on local and regional market characteristics, physical, cultural, and financial resources, and the expectations and needs of the stakeholders during this phase.

In the Prioritize Phase, the consultants will continue to work with the Park District to refine the strategies developed in the Envision Phase and determine the order in which these strategies will be implemented to meet the Park District’s most pressing needs. At the end of this phase, the consultants will prepare an updated Action Plan that shows each strategy, as a step-by-step project, on a five-year calendar.

In the Final Master Plan phase, the consultant team will compile the results of the Comprehensive Master Plan process including the identified community needs, implementation strategies, and the seven-year action plan into a comprehensive report. The report will also document the findings of the Analyze and Connect Phases showing the complete picture of the City of McHenry’s Parks & Recreation amenities and public perspective.