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Hello conference attendees!

Thank you for taking time to participate in our fun little event. When you complete your origami piece, please stop by our booth (Booth 614) to add it to our beautiful collection of artwork! There you will have the opportunity to enter your business card into our raffle.

Raffle Prizes

  • Three $25 gift cards
  • Two $50 gift cards
  • Five sets of surprise gift bags

You are welcome to use your paper for any type of origami you’d like, but we’ve included some easier tutorials to help you out. Feel free to stop by our booth at any time to get more paper!

About Us

Hitchcock’s planners and landscape architects have produced an extensive portfolio of award-winning projects. We employ a sustainable approach by creating places that are memorable, attractive, functional, maintainable, environmentally sound, and cost-effective. We have the capacity to tackle challenging assignments within tight timeframes. Our goal is to increase the value of our clients’ land resources in ways that advance their missions and improve their communities.

Our Recreation Practice

During this time of limited capital and demanding expectations, how can recreation providers continue to enhance their offerings, add value to their assets, keep up with trends, and attract kids and families to their parks? Our collective mission is to get people outside to have fun, socialize, exercise, learn, and gain new experiences. The Recreation Studio at Hitchcock Design Group can help. We have a proven approach, exceptional resources and 40 years of specialized experience Creating Better Places® to Play.

Proven Approach

Our services are carefully crafted to help recreation leaders create holistic spaces that incorporate educational, social, sustainable and purpose-driven physical elements, resulting in parks and play environments that engage the entire family. We will help you advance your mission through an imaginative, collaborative, respectful and disciplined process producing results that meet or exceed your demanding expectations.

Exceptional Resources

Senior leaders guide each engagement from concept through construction. Through collaboration with trusted partners we will meet the specifics of your project’s requirements. Our leaders maintain extensive information regarding agency benchmarking, recreation trends, grant programs, construction technologies and costs.

Specialized Expertise

Our Recreation Studio concentrates exclusively on public and private recreation providers and their planning and design projects. Consequently, we understand the unique missions and interests facing recreational leaders and their related stakeholders.

Our Recreation Team

Our Recreation Studio is comprised of professionals who are passionate about delivering creative play solutions, and some of the most creative, fun-loving people you’ll ever meet. This is important to note as HDG believes the best way to design play environments is to create spaces that will entice community members to visit over and over. That’s an important way that we measure success. Plus, our staff, their families, and their children are patrons of the spaces we design with our clients, giving us a more intimate experience to build upon.

Within our larger company, our eleven-person Recreation Studio has a great balance of talent among its members. The Recreation Studio consists of 3 Principals (Andy Howard, Eric Hornig, and Joe Brusseau), 3 Senior Associates (Doug Fair, Lacey Lawrence, and Bridget Deatrick), 1 Associate (Jenna Beck), 1 Junior Associate (Abby Mies), and 2 Co-Op students (Lauren Chapman and Max Goettler). The team is led by Senior Principal Steve Konters. Our landscape architects collaborate constantly to generate design solutions, and to maintain contemporary detail libraries, cost and trend information. Our goal is to extend that collaborative spirit to our client groups, bouncing ideas off of each other, coming up with creative solutions to hard problems, and pushing each other to expand design knowledge. When successful, the broader project team (you and HDG) will deliver a solution we all love.

You can read more about our individual team members here: https://www.hitchcockdesigngroup.com/hitchcock-team/


  • Planning
  • Districtwide comprehensive master planning
  • Districtwide park analysis planning
  • Land acquisition planning
  • Pre-referendum services
  • Site inventories and analysis
  • Feasibility studies and due diligence
  • Design/development guidelines
  • Multi-use trail planning
  • Greenway and waterway corridor planning
  • Open space management planning
  • Identity and branding planning
  • Grant writing and funding studies
  • Accessibility audits
  • Design
  • Nature-based play environments
  • Environmental graphics
  • Outdoor learning environments
  • Beaches and waterfronts
  • Skate parks
  • Parking
  • Wayfinding/signage systems
  • Pedestrian circulation
  • Water features/splash parks
  • Native and ornamental landscapes
  • Natural and synthetic athletic fields
  • Sports fields/sports complexes
  • Storm water infiltration
  • Lighting
  • Green roofs
  • Donor recognition features
  • Bike trails
  • Memorial parks
  • Specialty gardens
  • Themed environments
  • Sport courts
  • Communications
  • Public presentations
  • Focus groups
  • Planning and design workshops
  • Project web page development
  • Promotional graphics/perspective illustrations
  • Computer modeling
  • Report writing
  • GIS mapping
  • 3D photorealistic rendering
  • Construction Services
  • Construction budget/cost analysis
  • Earthwork calculations
  • Submittal/shop drawing review
  • Plant material selection
  • Construction observation


Let´s build a relationship that helps you reach your planning and landscape architecture goals.

Cee Cee Hodgson

“Their work comes with a level of empathy with the user to say ‘it’s more than plants. How can this be an uplifting space? How can this invigorate someone?’ That’s different. That’s unique.”

Cee Cee Hodgson
Lead Architect–C.C. Hodgson Architectural Group

Ann Ziegelmaier

“Communication, creativity, meeting timeliness, meeting institutional expectations; we’re not an easy client. Hitchcock goes out of their way to work with us.”

Ann Ziegelmaier
Landscape Architect-Northwestern University

Jim Basala

“Hitchcock thinks beyond straight lines and 90-degree angles.”

Jim Basala
COO, Lake County Parks & Recreation Dept.

Patrick Lyons

“They work in a very collaborative manner in discussions and presentations. They make sure you fully understand it. If there are any questions at all, they can help you with it.”

Patrick Lyons
Director of Construction-Advocate Healthcare

Doug Sampson

“They’ve earned our trust. They listen to us and come back with solutions that really meet our needs. They let you start to dream …”

Doug Sampson
University Architect/Director-Missouri State University

Steve Gulden

“Some architects will just say ‘how dare you!’ but Hitchcock encourages changes. Relationships and creativity is what it boils down to—it’s why I like them the best and what sets them apart from others.”

Steve Gulden
Village Manager, Village of Romeoville

Mike DeRouin

“With Hitchcock, I felt like they really went above and beyond, and they’re extremely responsive. They take more of a leadership role, which is helpful, especially with a complicated project.”

Mike DeRouin
President, FitzGerald Associates

Craig Phillips

“One of Hitchcock’s strengths is the amount of work they put in when they’re getting to know a community. They show you they really understand the issues your community is considering. They’re very thorough in their approach. It’s clear they’ve done their homework.”

Craig Phillips
Town Manager, City of St. John

Jonathan Kubow

“Hitchcock goes out of their way to make sure they’re responsive, helpful, and doing things that aren’t necessarily their responsibility. They’re just all-around quality. Any project that I do going forward they will always, always be included in my RFP, whether it’s city or suburban.”

Jonathan Kubow
Development Manager, Lennar Multifamily Communities

Tim Brennan

“What keeps coming back to me is their willingness, their ability, and their responsiveness to help manage the situation at hand.”

Tim Brennan
Senior Associate/Retail Practice Area Leader, Gensler