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Columbus Riverfront Redevelopment

Columbus Riverfront Redevelopment

close Columbus Riverfront Redevelopment

A New Gateway to the City | Columbus, Indiana

Initiated by the Columbus Redevelopment Commission, community leaders approved an integrated four part strategy to create and sustain an iconic riverfront experience that strengthens Columbus’ distinctive brand and robust economy. At the western gateway to its historic downtown, the 22-acre Columbus Riverfront concept includes connections to engage motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, and paddlers, compelling attractions including the conversion of a low head dam into an exciting inriver whitewater feature, a high-amenity Riverwalk, a nature-based children’s play environment, and a captivating appearance that respects the city’s extraordinary cultural heritage. The $9 million first segment is expected to promote adjacent land development, generate over $100,000 in annual local and state tax revenue, and attract the area’s high-tech workforce. Hitchcock Design Group facilitated community engagement and created the concept alongside a team of experts in market and real estate economics, dam removal / whitewater recreation, water resources, and structural engineering.


City of Columbus



22 acres


Design Team

Christopher B. Burke Engineering

Strand Associates


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