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Hitchcock Design Group is deeply committed to creating better places to live, work, play, learn, and heal by providing exceptional planning and landscape architectural services that connect people with the environment, and as a result, with each other. Through specialized expertise, purposeful creativity, caring relationships, and responsible advocacy, we help public, private, and institutional clients make the most of their unique and irreplaceable land resources.


Do you push yourself to find better solutions, add more value to projects and relationships, and enjoy seeing happy people in new outdoor places?


Let’s build a relationship that helps you reach your planning and landscape architecture goals.

“With Hitchcock, I felt like they really went above and beyond, and they’re extremely responsive. They take more of a leadership role, which is helpful, especially with a complicated project.”

Mike DeRouin
President, FitzGerald Associates

“Hitchcock thinks beyond straight lines and 90-degree angles.”

Jim Basala
COO, Lake County Parks & Recreation Dept.

“One of Hitchcock’s strengths is the amount of work they put in when they’re getting to know a community. They show you they really understand the issues your community is considering. They’re very thorough in their approach. It’s clear they’ve done their homework.”

Craig Phillips
Town Manager, City of St. John

“Communication, creativity, meeting timeliness, meeting institutional expectations; we’re not an easy client. Hitchcock goes out of their way to work with us.”

Ann Ziegelmaier
Landscape Architect-Northwestern University

“What keeps coming back to me is their willingness, their ability, and their responsiveness to help manage the situation at hand.”

Tim Brennan
Senior Associate/Retail Practice Area Leader, Gensler

“They’ve earned our trust. They listen to us and come back with solutions that really meet our needs. They let you start to dream …”

Doug Sampson
University Architect/Director-Missouri State University

“They work in a very collaborative manner in discussions and presentations. They make sure you fully understand it. If there are any questions at all, they can help you with it.”

Patrick Lyons
Director of Construction-Advocate Healthcare

“Hitchcock goes out of their way to make sure they’re responsive, helpful, and doing things that aren’t necessarily their responsibility. They’re just all-around quality. Any project that I do going forward they will always, always be included in my RFP, whether it’s city or suburban.”

Jonathan Kubow
Development Manager, Lennar Multifamily Communities

“Some architects will just say ‘how dare you!’ but Hitchcock encourages changes. Relationships and creativity is what it boils down to—it’s why I like them the best and what sets them apart from others.”

Steve Gulden
Village Manager, Village of Romeoville

“Their work comes with a level of empathy with the user to say ‘it’s more than plants. How can this be an uplifting space? How can this invigorate someone?’ That’s different. That’s unique.”

Cee Cee Hodgson
Lead Architect–C.C. Hodgson Architectural Group