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Using our specialized expertise in recreation planning and design, we craft thoughtfully planned open space and engaging parks of all sizes. Together, we can create better places to play.

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Hitchcock Design Group has extensive experience assisting park and recreation providers in planning for, obtaining and implementing grant funding for their communities. Over the past few decades, we have assisted public agencies with obtaining critical state and federal funding including open space, trail, boat access, transportation, economic, environmental, and community grants. Let us help you set your agency and community up for success in being “grant-ready” and aligned with your timeline, budgets, and resources.

Comprehensive planning initiatives enable parks and recreation providers to understand their position in the marketplace, establish a vision for the future, and develop an action plan to systematically advance their mission.

Hitchcock Design Group has the experience and know-how to help parks and recreation providers create practical, easy-to-implement plans that effectively communicate your vision to your community.

Our practice ranges from multifamily to mixed-use, civic to senior living, healthcare to hospitality, recreation to education and more. Want to dig deeper? We’re all about that.