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Downers Grove Civic Center

Downers Grove Civic Center

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Civic Center and Plaza Design | Columbus, Indiana

The Village of Downers Grove is constructing a new Civic Center including a new Village Hall and Police Department. The new Civic Center is adjacent to the Metra Station and the downtown area and is envisioned as a community gathering place. The project includes a community walk that commuters will use to connect to nearby neighborhoods and a civic plaza to honor civil rights and Isrel Blackburn, one of the founders of Downers Grove. As part of our services, we worked with the architect and the Village’s Public Relations department to create an animation of the site to present to the community. The Village of Downers Grove challenged our team to design the landscape using only native plantings, without using turf or non-native ornamental plants. Through detailed conversations about aesthetic and maintenance expectations, we were able to balance their desire to create a showcase of sustainability with the practical realities of the function of an active public space.


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