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Rogers Memorial Hospital Children and Adolescent Center Therapeutic Garden

close Rogers Memorial Hospital Children and Adolescent Center Therapeutic Garden

Healing Garden Design | Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Focused on offering behavioral health services for adults, adolescents and children in several locations, Rogers Memorial Hospital has long understood the importance of having therapeutic outdoor spaces for patients and residents to assist with their treatment. After completing the landscape master plan for the hospital’s 50 acre Oconomowoc campus, Hitchcock Design Group was retained to design a therapeutic garden for the new Children and Adolescent Center that was built on the campus. The design of the garden was informed by soliciting input from the Doctor’s and Staff who treat the patients to insure that the therapeutic space led to the appropriate experiences and provide additional areas for programming for the patients. As the garden is for children and adolescents, items that appealed to their age level were also incorporated into the design while still being mindful of creating a place of healing and respite for them.


Rogers Memorial Hospital



Merit Award, General Design, Wisconsin Chapter, American Society of Landscape Architecture, 2017

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