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Science of Spirituality

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Landscape Design | Lisle, Illinois

The new facility is the US headquarters for Science of Spirituality. They host programs and festivals throughout the year, utilizing the outdoor open spaces during the warmer months. The site design incorporates an existing renovated daycare facility as new offices, classrooms, and daycare. Due to the large number of existing trees that were on site, the landscape has a bounty of new shade trees that, over time, will create a calming, natural setting for the campus, reinforcing their mission of education on the benefits of meditation and healthy living. HDG provided landscape architecture services for the projects PUD (entitlement) and subsequent design development, permit, and construction document, bidding, and construction administration services. Our scope included all existing tree assessment, landscape (traditional and native area plantings), pedestrian paving, central entry, and dining plaza, iconic water feature and sculpture, monument signs, and site furnishings.





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