Park District of Highland Park

Master Planning for Sunset Woods
Park and Playground Renovations


The public comment period for the Sunset Woods Park Master Plan and Playground Renovation Concept has closed. If you have comments or questions please contact the Park District, contact information is in the Comment Section of this site. This project website will continue to be available through February 28th. Please visit the Park District website for project information and updates.


An incorrect version of the Park Master Plan has been replaced with the correct copy for review as of 10:00 AM February 11th  The incorrect version represented a parking lot expansion that is not being proposed.  We apologize for any confusion.


Welcome to the Sunset Woods Park Playground and Master Plan online project site.

The Sunset Woods Park Master Plan recognizes Sunset Woods as Highland Park’s destination community park nestled in the center of town. The plan strives to consider the timeless park holistically and in the context of the Highland Park community and surrounding area.  In partnership with the community, the Park District of Highland Park and the design consultant team developed a Master Plan to honor Sunset Woods Park and guide improvements over the next ten years and beyond. This planning effort is supported by the Park District’s GreenPrint 2024 Plan. The Sunset Woods Master Plan includes a detailed concept design for the renovation of two of the four playgrounds, the “21st Century Playland” and “Titanic Tides Tot Lot”, which were last renovated in 1999 and are scheduled for replacement in 2021.

The Park District invites the community to comment on the final plans through February 18th. Comments can be submitted through the Comment tab of this website.

For more information about the Sunset Woods Master Planning Project please contact Amalia Schwartz, Planning and Projects Manager at the Park District of Highland Park.

More project information and updates can be found on the Park District’s Project webpage.

Project Background

Sunset Woods Park is the community’s signature destination park centrally located just west of the downtown near Park Avenue and Sunset Road. The park contains baseball diamonds, tennis courts, playgrounds, a basketball court, a skate park, picnic areas, trails, and approximately 8 acres of natural areas. The Park is also the site of several special events and summer camp programs.

In Fall 2020, the Park District began engaging the public to understand current use and desired improvements for the park and playground. The information gathered was used with additional input from Park District staff and the Park Board to prepare design guidance.

With its design consultant team, the Park District used the design guidance to prepare preliminary plans for the park and playground renovations. These plans were shared with the community in December 2020, along with a detailed online survey to collect feedback. Over 300 people reviewed the presentation and responded to the survey.

The community’s feedback was used to refine the plans further.  Through the survey, we heard:

  • That many were not supportive of the proposed north parking lot
  • There is a high interest in a splash pad and adult fitness.
  • The local tennis community values the clay courts and the bank of asphalt courts.

Plan revision highlights:

  • Removal of the parking lot near the north pavilion.
  • Retaining the clay courts and the asphalt courts
  • A splash pad location alternative near the playground

Please click the buttons on the right to see the final concept playground plans and concept master plan for Sunset Woods Park. A written overview of the plans is available on the Master Plan and Playground tabs above.